The start of 2023 marks a strong increase in our R&D resources aimed at advancing our VECSEL laser platform as a key enabler for scaling of quantum technology applications. The funding is part of competitive European Commission calls and ensures a broad collaboration framework with high-profile experimental quantum optics groups and leading system integrators addressing quantum technology applications.

In AQuRA project, which is part of the EU Quantum Flagship program, Vexlum team will develop and supply a new generation of high power 461 nm lasers needed to laser cool the strontium atoms for the optical lattice clock. The overall consortium goal is to bring the latest developments in the area of optical clocks from the laboratory into a robust and compact form to fulfill the potential of optical clocking technology in telecommunication (e.g. network synchronization, traffic bandwidth, GPS free navigation), geology (e.g. underground exploration, monitoring of water tables or ice sheets), astronomy (e.g. low-frequency gravitational wave detection, radio telescope synchronization), and other fields.