VECSEL systems for quantum information processing with trapped beryllium ions

S. C. Burd, J.-P. Penttinen, P.-Y. Hou, H. M. Knaack, S. Ranta, M. Mäki, E. Kantola, M. Guina, D. H. Slichter, D. Leibfried, A. C. Wilson


We demonstrate two systems based on vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VECSELs) for producing ultraviolet laser light at wavelengths of 235 and 313 nm. The systems are suitable for quantum information processing with trapped beryllium ions. Each system consists of a compact, single-frequency, continuous-wave VECSEL producing high-power near-infrared light, tunable over tens of nanometers. One system generates 2.4 W at 940 nm, using a gain mirror based on GaInAs/GaAs quantum wells, which is converted to 54 mW of 235 nm light for photoionization of neutral beryllium atoms. The other system uses a gain mirror based on GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wells, enabling wavelength extension above 1200 nm with manageable strain in the GaAs lattice. This system generates 1.6 W at 1252 nm, which is converted to 41 mW of 313 nm light that is used to laser cool trapped 9Be+ions and quantum state preparation and detection. The 313 nm system is also suitable for implementing high-fidelity quantum gates.