State-dependent potentials for the 1S0 and 3P0 clock states of neutral ytterbium atoms

Tim O. Höhn, Etienne Staub, Guillaume Brochier, Nelson Darkwah Oppong, Monika Aidelsburger

We present measurements of three distinctive state-(in)dependent wavelengths for the 1S03P0 clock transition in 174Yb atoms. Specifically, we determine two magic wavelengths at 652.281(21)THz and 542.50205(19)THz, where the differential light shift on the 1S03P0 clock transition vanishes, and one tune-out wavelength at 541.8325(5)THz, where the polarizability of the 1S0 ground state exhibits a zero crossing. The two new magic wavelengths are identified by spectroscopically interrogating cold 174Yb atoms on the clock transition in a one-dimensional optical lattice. The ground-state tune-out wavelength is determined via a parametric heating scheme. With a simple empirical model, we then extrapolate the ground and excited state polarizability over a broad range of wavelengths in the visible spectrum.